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Specialist applications with water jets and water-jet cutting

Customised engineering solutions

Specialist technical engineering solutions for challenging tasks for water jets and water-jet cutting

Take advantage of our expertise, to perform various separating and cutting activities with ultra high-pressure water-jet cutting processes. We offer appropriate and customized engineering solutions for your measures. Our procedure can be used in various fields. For this, specialist applications count, such as:

  • Vibration-free exposure of structural elements in reinforced concrete
  • Exposure of deposit niches and foundation beams
  • Cleaning and layer-removal of containers
  • Removal of ballast bed coatingshtungen

Use our water-jet cutting process for the following applications:

  • Cold cutting in difficult-to-access areas with project-customised, adapted technology
  • Removal of moulding sand crusts from cast blocks
  • Cutting-free of drill heads and freeing of drilling technology
  • Separation of large sprockets

Plan building measures with our cold-cutting process

In areas, in which attention must be paid to explosion hazards water-jet cutting is appropriate. In storage containers or silos, dust explosions may occur due to flammable flying sparks. But there is also a risk of increased explosion hazards in digestion towers due to gas development. For this, cold cutting lends itself as a safe solution.

We perform cutting processes using cold-cutting technology in tight areas, which are difficult to access. Thanks to to water power, we can separate pipelines from DN 40from the inside to the outside.

Process bridge supports and concrete structures using water power

Use our technology to refurbish bridges. Our experts will support you with the removal of bridge bearings and bridge supports. We also remove supports of interim structures.

Our employees have extensive experience in handling concrete structures. Use the water jet technology to create vibration-free openings in reinforced concrete structures while retaining the reinforcement. We coordinate our solutions specifically with your orders. For example, we also perform qualified concrete removal in a semi-automated manner with self-developed, project-customised devices.

We will be pleased to deal with your questions about the individual specialist applications in a consultation.