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Sewer application

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The gentle power in sewers

Rely on innovative and tried-and-tested engineering solutions for the preparation of sewer refurbishment

In sewer refurbishment area more and more customers are relying on ultra high-pressure water-jet technology for the maintenance and preparation of sewers for their refurbishment.

For more than 20 years, we have been working with the force of the water in a targeted manner. With the Drain-Jet Robotics® water-jet robots, we have combined two established technologies: ultra high-pressure water jets and sewer robotics.

For the maintenance and preparation of sewers for rehabilitation, trust in our national and international experience. We prepare waste water pipelines efficiently for the use of hose liners for sewer refurbishment.

Your advantages:

  • Quick restoration of sewer systems
  • High efficiency
  • Retention of the sewer fabric with a camera-monitored process

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Efficient maintenance and refurbishment of sewer lines

For the maintenance and preparation of waste water pipelines, we support you with our technology and our specialists!

We use our technology absolutely efficiently in your projects and remove even sintering of up to 100 percent (full closures) many times faster than with the well-known milling technology. This way, you receive technically and economically flawless results with sewer refurbishment.

We remove for you:

Very hard, cement-bonded deposits, such as concrete, pile concrete, injection material, insulating materials, bentonite etc. (also from plastic pipes), which cannot be efficiently removed using milling robots.

Concrete removal/concrete milling and cutting

The directed ultra high-pressure water jet removes - as known in civil engineering and bridge construction for many years - the following deposits quickly and efficiently:

  • concrete
  • pile concrete
  • injection material
  • screed, floating screed
  • insulating material
  • bentonite and other cement-bonded, solid deposits

Through the additional use of vibration-free technology of the Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting, it is even possible to quickly and safely separate reinforced concrete structures and other sandwich materials.

For specific tasks, we offer project-customised adaptation of the WAS cutting technology in-house - so we offer the ideal solution in the area of sewer refurbishment for virtually all tasks.

Incrustations and large-surface, solid adhesions

Incrustation removal

Using ultra high-pressure water-jet technology, we even remove large-surface and several centimetres' thick sintering and limescale deposits. These frequently occur due to groundwater ingress through:

  • the brickwork of sewage drains
  • defective pipe sleeve gaskets
  • cracks in waste water pipes
  • and other defective pipelines

Through ultra high-pressure water-jets, incrustation removal is achieved without leaving any residues in preparation for sewer refurbishment and without burdening the fabric of the sewer significantly.

Powerful root intrusions and root overgrowth

Removal of tree roots and obstacles

With our ultra high-pressure water-jet technology, we even achieve an economically peerless result with the removal of powerful tree roots and root overgrowth, without damaging the pipes during preparation for sewer refurbishment. This way - contrary to using conventional procedures (e.g. chain spinners) - with our water jet technology, roots can even be removed from highly corroded brick walls and sewer pipes with cracks and broken fragments can be removed, in which the structural stability of the sewer pipes cannot be guaranteed.

Defective hose liner

Inliner removal

We are able to remove hose liners, which have become destroyed during their installation or have reached the end of their normal service life. With various procedures, we use water jet milling with more than 1,000 bar of operating pressure to remove thin-walled inliners from smaller nominal widths, as well as thick-walled hose liners from larger nominal widths. With the dismantling, you profit from particularly advantageous working speeds.

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Obstacles, such as iron girders and driven-in steel/concrete structures from waste water pipelines and rainwater pipelines, as well as structures for underground fixing and installation elements, using Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting technology


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Contact us for a comprehensive and competent consultation, when it comes preparation for sewer refurbishment.

Various applications within the context of maintenance and refurbishment of sewers

Use the robot-guided, directed and remote-controlled ultra high-pressure water-jet technology for the preparation of fabric/sub-surface preparation in sewers from DN 150 and in special cases, also from DN 100. Our technology serves to prepare trenchless refurbishments and rehabilitation of waste water pipelines. With the assistance of the available camera technology, it is possible to observe the procedure of our activities in real time and thereby set the optimum process parameters.