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maximum pressure water cutting

Your specialist Service Provider for mobile Maximum-pressure water Jet and water cutting technology

Specialist service provider for mobile maximum-pressure water jet technology

Since its foundation in 1995, our company has developed into one of the leading specialist service providers in the field of mobile high-pressure water jetting. With a highly motivated and intensively trained staff member as well as relevant engineering knowledge in our own house, we are able to solve even unconventional tasks. Our customers are located in all parts of Germany and neighbouring European states.

The mobile maximum-pressure waterjet technology used by us comes without exception from renowned manufacturers. It is supplemented by in-house developments and adaptations of standardized technology. The range of in-house developed solutions is from simple project-specific devices to complex machines such as our water-jet robot.

Through regular maintenance and early replacement, we keep our ultra high-pressure pumps, the high-pressure equipment as well as our fleet fully operational and at the latest state-of-the-art. This ensures a high degree of machine availability and the above-average achievements of our technology.

We achieve the desired level of quality and efficiency of our work with the combination of our first-class technical systems and the high application-technical proficiency that is available in our company. Each of our teams is equipped with it. Finally, the detailed operational planning ensures compliance with agreed dates.