up to 2,500 bar environmentally-friendly mobile power
Bruno (DN 300 - 1.000)
Bruno mini (DN 200 - 400)
Brunhilde (DN 150)
Bruno (DN 300 - 1.000) / Bruno mini (DN 200 - 400) / Brunhilde (DN 150)

Maximum-pressure water-jet robots with Drain-Jet Robotics® technology

Drain-Jet Robotics®

Speed up sewer works with Drain-Jet Robotics®

In order to speed up the preparation for sewer refurbishment, Mauerspecht has developed extremely efficient ultra-high pressure water-jet robots. They are fitted with the Drain-Jet Robotics® technological process. Their product names are as much a part of our company history as the ultra-high pressure water jet.

Drain-Jet Robotics® ultra-high pressure water-jet robots

  • BRUNO (DN 300 to DN 1000, with accessories up to DN 1300)
  • BRUNO MINI (DN 200 to DN 400)
  • BRUNHILDE (DN 150)

Important parameters of our Drain-Jet Robotics® ultra-high pressure waterjet robots

The comprehensive application technology know-how of Mauerspecht GmbH from nearly 25 years of experience with ultra-high pressure water-jet technology has flowed into the development of our ultra-high pressure waterjet robots with the Drain-Jet Robotics® technology. This enables us to cover a broad spectrum in the sewer with our technology:

  • From DN 150 up to and including walkable or DN 1300 (Egg-shaped 1000/1500), in special cases also from DN 100 or even from DN 80
  • All common sewer profiles including numerous special profiles
  • Maximum enclosure length 300 metres (by arrangement)

Take advantage of this innovation and use it to speed up your repair measures in sewer systems.

Your advantages with Drain-Jet Robotics®

  • Cost-effective process through highly-efficient working method
  • Controlled process through camera monitoring
  • Protects pipe material, due to maximum-pressure water-jet technology

Use our process in order to realise thorough and quick sewer cleaning at the same time.

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Optimal preparation of sewer refurbishment

Remove incrustations and other solid adhesions from sewer pipes using our technology within a short time. It can be optimally adapted to the respective task with several adjustable parameters. In comparison to conventional processes, the impairment of the old pipe fabric from the removal of solid deposits is significantly reduced in most cases.

Furthermore, Drain-Jet Robotics® operates with constant monitoring. This allows optimum monitoring and control of the refurbishment preparations.

Using the ultra high-pressure water-jet technology, the Drain-Jet Robotics® technology quickly and thoroughly removes the following in sewers:

  • Incrustations, limescale and concrete deposits
  • Roots
  • Foreign bodies made of steel and reinforced concrete
  • Bitumen and fats
  • GRP hose liners

Our ultra high-pressure water-jet robotics works with an operating pressure of 500 to 2,500 bar in the sewer- with Bruno, Bruno mini and Brundhilde it is max. 1,500 bar, which is quite enough. Our technology is ready for use from DN 80. Our ultra high-pressure water-jet robots can be used in sewage drains and rainwater pipelines from DN 150 right up to accessible sewers. Furthermore, use is realisable in all known profiles.

Achieve thorough results with our Drain-Jet Robotics® technology

We have German and international proprietary rights in relation to the technology of the robot-guided ultra high-pressure water-jet in the sewer and on the trademark, Drain-Jet Robotics®. Our process speeds up sewer cleaning and enables extremely efficient work.

With Drain-Jet Robotics® we offer an efficient solution for your sewer works, with which you can also save costs. We will be pleased to inform you about it in a detailed consultation.

Drain-Jet Robotics® - Licensed Partnerships

From Saxony into the world – a metaphor for our growth and success.

Our experienced licensed partners exclusively offer the services of Mauerspecht GmbH on their own. In the United Kingdom, the Benelux States and Northern France the advantages of ultra-high pressure water-jetting carried out with robots are already available nationwide.

In 2019, we granted exclusive rights to our long-time partners in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, upon their request, to use our trademark Drain-Jet Robotics® in their regions.

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Drain-Jet Robotics®