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Our RO-KA-TECH 2019

The RO-KA-TECH 2019 was a great success for us here at Mauerspecht. On two exhibitor spaces we happily presented our services and our ultra-high pressure water-jet robots to the visitors of the expo. Since the beginning of the year the Bruno is being supported by the smaller Lokvogel, which completes our Drain-Jet Robotics® system. The operation vehicle and the ultra-high pressure pump was at the show to be reviewed and tested.

With the 2 ultra-high pressure water-jet robots, that are both compatible with the same car, Mauerspecht now covers all dimensions from DN150 to walkable diameters in all conventional profiles according to DIN 4263. The Drain-Jet Robotics® machines are electrically powered and can be used in pipe lengths of up to 100 m. As ultra-high pressure water-jet robots Lokvogel and Bruno work with up to 1.500 bar and max. 65 or 40 l/min. They also feature: water stream that is directed through the robot, high-pressure reel for occupational safety, endlessly rotating work heads, video recording directly on a storage medium and quick-change of appliances.

A very special event during the days at the expo was the handing over of the first full Drain-Jet Robotics® system to our British licensed partners Drain-Jet Robotics UK LTD. Since January, Mauerspecht has been working in London with one service team already. The very own Drain-Jet car makes it possible to our partners to enlarge their radius of action to the entire United Kingdom. We are very proud and wish them all the best for all future projects.

For our successful RO-KA-TECH 2019 participation, we say THANK YOU to all our employees, customers, visitors, suppliers and helpers behind the scenes. We look forward to the future and, of course, to the RO-KA-TECH 2021.

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