up to 2,500 bar environmentally-friendly mobile power


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We are the water jets

Sewer refurbishment with ultra high-pressure water-jet robotics

The technological process of Drain-Jet Robotics® is many times faster and therefore more cost-effective than conventional milling robots. Our maximum-pressure water-jet robots, specifically developed for removing obstructions in sewers, works on a camera-supported basis, with adjustable water pressure and adaptable travel speeds.

Maximum-pressure water-jet cutting

Our environmentally friendly cold-cut process has always proven itself, particularly in explosive atmospheres. Even the hardest materials, also in sandwich construction, can be cut without any problems and without heat input. Another important decision-making factor is the mobility of the technology, as well as its use in diverse locations - also under water.

Advantages and special features

  • Our mobile technology is aimed at the avoidance of unnecessary health risks with a fully-developed remote control unit.
  • Even in safety-sensitive areas it is possible to use the entire technology without any problems.
  • The media, water and abrasives used for cutting can be cleanly separated and properly disposed of.
  • Specific tasks are solved with customised manipulator systems or application-based device engineering.